CSR Report

CSR Report

CSR Report 2016PDF 4.02MB)


  • Feature articles  (PDF 456KB)
    • Message
    • Establishment of "Dream Agricultural Research Instiute(Yumesouken)"
  • Economic report  (PDF 788KB)
  • Outline of our business
  • Domestic business
  • Overseas business
  • CSR initiatives of ISEKI Group
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • To achieve customer satisfaction
  • Together with the people in community
  • For shareholders and investors
  • Together with the suppliers
  • Together with the employees
  • ISEKI group environmental management
  • Mid-term and long-term environmental targets and FY2015 results
  • Business activities and environmental burdens
  • Environmental risk management
  • Environmental accounting
  • Reduction of environmental burdens
  • Examples of reducing environmental burdens
  • Approaches to design for environment
  • Approach to preserve biodiversity
  • Green purchase/Green procurement
  • Environmental performance of four factories
  • Third-party comments
  • Targets of this report

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Company Profile
Investor Information
  • Message from our presodent
  • Environmental Report
  • ISEKI's commitments towards enhancement of food self-sufficiency ratio
  • Environmental concept
  • Environmental management organization
  • Contact us
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