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Together with Stakeholders <br class='pc_cont'>Sustainable society <br class='pc_cont'>''food, agriculture and earth'' <br class='pc_cont'>We aim to realizeTogether with Stakeholders <br class='pc_cont'>Sustainable society <br class='pc_cont'>''food, agriculture and earth'' <br class='pc_cont'>We aim to realize

Together with Stakeholders
Sustainable society
''food, agriculture and earth''
We aim to realize

For your continued support of the business operations of ISEKI Group, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude.
In 2015, ISEKI & Co., Ltd. is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Since the establishment of the company, with the principle of our founder, “free farmers from exhausting labor” as the cornerstone, ISEKI has been striving to contribute to the modernization of Japan’s agricultural industry as a full-time manufacturer specialized in agricultural machinery. Over the period, we have consistently pursued efficiency and laborsaving advances in agriculture and kept providing the products to the market by pioneering the development of a quantity great deal of agricultural machinery and facilities. When we consider the increase of global population, food issues, food self-sufficiency and land conservation, and global environmental issues, the role agriculture plays is significant and, consequently, the social mission of agricultural machinery manufacturer becomes more and more important. ISEKI Group will continue to operate under the basic business philosophy to “provide products that satisfy customers,” aiming to contribute to agriculture, both in Japan and throughout the world.
For the growth and development of Japan’s agriculture, we provide support from both hardware and software. Specifically, we offer energy-saving, low cost, and environmentally sound products by improving the productivity through enhanced efficiency and reduced workload, by saving fuel and fertilizers further, and by utilizing ICT and robot technology, to name a few. We are also promoting the spread of cultivation and farm management technologies, supporting the revitalization of deserted farmland and regional activation, and offering support to women, young, and new farmers. We also work on the food education and “local production for local consumption” in an attempt to improve the food self-sufficiency. To cope with the recent global needs to increase food production, we are actively providing products to Europe, North America, China, and ASEAN countries.
Regarding environmental issues, including global warming, we set our goal to cooporate in forming recycling-oriented society and position this goal as one of the most important issues of the management. Such efforts include the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout the entire ISEKI Group, from our domestic manufacturing locations to the headquarters and sales subsidiaries. Starting from this year, we will launch the full-scale activities in the overseas locations as well. We implemented tangible targets and management system from initial product development phase in an effort towards environmental preservation. In order to convey the results of these approaches in an easy-to-understand manner to the customers and all stakeholders, we have set environmental-friendly design standards, and we are promoting the implementation of an “eco-product certification system.” In this system, based on the evaluation results, environmental labels are used only for products that have passed our own environmental-friendly design standard. In addition, we are actively engaged in various social engagement activities, so that we can contribute to the people in the community.
What we see at the base of these activities and initiatives is people. We realize that human resource development is essential for us. We make sure that skills and techniques, which are indispensable in the production site, are improved and properly passed on. We also make sure t develop human resources who can offer comprehensive farm business proposals to the customers and who can work in a global setting actively. We also promote recruitment of foreigners and appointment of women in management.
ISEKI Group positions the contribution to achieving a recycling-oriented society as one of our most important management tasks. We will continue our efforts to realize a “prosperous community, constantly growing in affluence,” work on various issues and carry out our social responsibilities together with the stakeholders. We would like to ask for your further support, assistance, and cooperation to make our activities successful.

Shiro Tomiyasu