Privacy Policy

As we realize that personal information protection is quite important in today's high information-oriented society, we endeavor to do so with philosophy to respect for human right under following policy.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information by legal means.

2. Use of personal information

  • We may use personal information in the scope of purpose shown before acquisition to the smallest extent in order to provide users with our service.
  • When we share personal information with a third party or when we entrust operation of personal information to a third party, we examine and supervise them strictly and adequately in order to keep information confidential.

3. Provide personal information with a third party

We do not provide a third party with personal information without user’s acceptance unless the law specifies.

4. Administration of personal information

  • We keep and maintain personal information accurately and securely.
  • We take a countermeasure for information security against illegal access, computer virus, etc adequately in order to prevent loss, destruction, modification or leak of personal information.
  • We do not leak personal information neither by taking out nor by transferring outside.

5. Disclosure, correction, cease of use, deletion of personal information

We acknowledge user’s right to request us for disclosure, correction, cease of use, and deletion of user’s own personal information and when requested, we take prompt action without objection.

6. Organization and system

  • We appoint Supervisor and manage to protect personal information adequately.
  • We conduct our directors and employees with seminar to protect and to know correct handling of personal information so that we can treat information adequately.

7. Decision, action, maintenance and improvement of rules for personal information

We make rule to protect personal information in order to fulfill this policy and then make our personnel and people concerned follow the rule. We also maintain and improve the rule contentiously.