PR/PRJ Series


ISEKI rice-transplanter “PR/PRJ Series” is designed and developed to meet a variety of the requirement of professional farmers. This series inherits good points of the previous series, and improves many points such as easier operation and higher performance by adding unique features. In addition to 6 planting rows model, this series has efficient 8 planting rows model, which meets especially large-scale farmers’ demand.


There are two kinds of engine types, diesel and gasoline. 24.5 hp diesel engine has high torque and high power. Its maximum planting speed is 1.86m/s, which leads to efficient operation. Its power generate strong power even when its engine rotation is low. Low fuel consumption is also an advantageous point of diesel engine.
Compared to diesel engine, gasoline engine is light and compact, which is suitable to the operation especially in mulch field. Its maximum planting speed is 1.80m/s, which is faster than the previous model.

Edge planting switch

When the edge planting switch is ON while the machine is stopping, planting arms move and plant seedlings once on the spot. Seedlings can be planted from the just front of the edge of the rice field. Because of no lack of seedlings near the edge of the field, which leads to yield increase and higher efficiency.

DX rotor

DX rotor makes the bumps of the ground surface flat while the operator planting seedlings. The height of DX rotor is easily adjustable by a dial switch.

DX shift

Speed, engine rotation and up and down of planting unit can be controlled by this one shift lever.

Z- turn


When make a turn, operators don’t need to do anything but control the handle. Up and down of planting unit, planting clutch and side marker are all controlled automatically when Z-turn switch is on.

Straight and Turn Assist (Z model)

Steering assistance by GPS makes rice planting work comfortable for everyone.
Straight and turning are performed automatically.
Inexperienced operator: Easy, clean, straight!
Skilled operator: The rice transplanter assists in steering work that requires concentration! Reduce fatigue!
Manager: You can leave the rice planting work to the operator and reach out to other work!

Return rail

Equipped with a rail that can easily return the empty box to the assistant. This enables speedy work.

Fertilizer system


F-model can spread fertilizer at the same time the machine plants seedlings. The quantity of fertilizer spread on rice fields is easily controlled by one adjustment dial. Hot air heated by the engine prevents fertilizer from getting solid because of humidity and help it to be spread out smoothly. The shape of large capacity tank is designed for operators to supply additional fertilizer easily. Maintenance and cleaning after planting is also structurally easy.