SF5 Series


Large-sized front mower SF5 series has been well accepted from professional landscaping maintenance users in Europe owing to its centre collect system which can offer no restriction for working direction and its high performance in grass collecting by high-power blower and high capacity collector.

Environmentally friendly performance

ISEKI EU Stage V engine


The ISEKI EU stageⅤ engine features eco-friendly working with high power performance.

Noise reduction in operations

In addition to deducting noise owing to New ISEKI engine, ECO Mode is also avaiable.
Thanks to High&Low switch for blower speed, low noise operation is available for various situation on the working environments.

Fulfilled specifications

Centre discharge / Centre collecting system

A well-proportioned design with centre-discharge and centre-collecting system allows high maneuverability.

High performance for collecting grass

High-power blower and high-capacity container offer you great performance and comfort in lawn mowing.