TJW Series

TJW1233 is a ISEKI Symbol Tractor designed and built to meet a wide range of agricultural requirements. Tractor Output PS is 123PS.
Maximum Performance for every application is brought out from its High Power and High quality.
With its advanced technology and superior comfort, ISEKI TJW1233 is the best tractor to meet your requirement of high productivity.

TJW1233 has great innovation of the front appearance. Our new front cover is renewed to stylish and modern style. The color adopts special color, Blue Metallic.

TJW1233 is equipped with DEUTZ TIER 4 engine. (4 cylinders, 4,100cc displacement, Common Rail Fuel Injection System / Intercooler Turbo with waist gate)
The engine has achieved high torque, low fuel consumption and low noise.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
The NOx reduction effect has been enhanced without loss of fuel consumption.

Equipped with DPF (diesel particulate filter)
Fine particulate matter such as black smoke contained in the exhaust is filtered out with a filter to clean that.

TJW1233 is newly equipped finger touch lever for operating of forward-reverse shifting, it's enable to keep your hand on steering even in forward-reverse operating. Additionally, it's equipped with declutch system to operate on and off the main clutch system by lifting and lowering the lever for safety and reliable operation of front loader.

To achieve comfortable operation for all operators, TJW1233 adopts great featured cabin and comfortable air suspension sheet to reduce fatigue. Our cabin of TJW1233 can operate the air conditioner by automatically and manually, operator can comfortably operate in all season.
Our great seat can adjust the height easily by air suspension system for all operator's comfortable work.

Auto air conditioner

①USB terminal for charging
②Cigar socket type
* Charger, cable and mobile phone are not included.

Room light

Cup holder and ashtray

TJW1233 has 5.5 tons lift capacity. Such powerful lift capacity enable the tractor to be installed heavy implements. Also, 4 auxiliary hydraulic valves are useful for variety kind of implements.

In addition, the forward / reverse 32-speed transmission provides the suitable working speed for a variety of work, which is for paddy working, upland field working and pasture working.

For a variety of work
■ Suppression roller

■ Ridger

■ Wrapping machine

■ Rake

■ Slurry tank

■ Beet harvester

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