T97 Series

T97 series are specialized "High performance", "Comfortability" and "High durability" for continuous operation in severe field conditions. Maximum performance for every application is brought out from its high power and high quality with great feature.

1. Powerful Engine

T97 series are equipped with Perkins TIER 3 engine. (4 cylinders, 4,400 cc displacement, Common rail fuel injection system / Intercooler turbo with waist gate) The engine has large displacement and its stable torque at all engine speeds ensures strong power for the high or continuous load.
100L fuel tank also makes great efficiency for long continuous work.

2. High Performance

Our multi-speed transmission achieves great performance even in harsh field conditions by 6 levels main shift gear and 2 levels sub shift gear, and this full-synchronized transmission also achieves high durability.

Full synchronized shuttle shift achieves the frequent direction switch between forward and reverse work by a finger touch and without clutch and brake pedal.

2 multi-auxiliary hydraulic valves for T97 Cabin and 1 valve for T97 Rops is attached as standard, various implements can be attached for various work. 3 valves can be installed at maximum.

PTO rotation speed of 540/750 min-1 achieves adapting for various implements. This PTO button enables a sudden stop of PTO shaft for safety and comfortable work.

3. Comfortability

To achieve comfortable operation for all operators, T97 series adopts large instrument panel and comfortable suspension sheet. Large instrument panel is equipped with a deluxe instrument panel with tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature gauge, allowing operators to monitor the tractor's operation and performance and make suitable operating decisions based on the information provided by the gauges of the panel.
Our deluxe suspension seat can suspend the height easily to reduce fatigue of operator in long working hours.

Our T97 series are originally equipped pre-air cleaner to achieve high durability and comfortable maintenance of engine for upland farming.

The full-open hood provides easy access to the different systems of engine that required a periodic inspections such as air intake system, fuel system, electrical system, lubrication system, and cooling system. The one-piece hood also saves time an effort of operators when doing engine maintenance.

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