ISEKI Tiller


SA600 is adopted ergonomical design for pursuing comfortable operation to change lever of machine without any stress.
This machine complies with new European safety regulation EN709:1997+A4:2004 and equipped new safety composition 'Parking Brake and Double Lock Clutch Lever''.
Thanks to this composition, operator can work safely.
PTO and handle swing system is equipped as standard.
Operator can install various variety of implement and choose 6 forward speed and 2 reverse speed corresponded to your implement.


KCR700 is rotary implement built-in tiller, and we designe the perfect weight balance for comfortable operation based on ergonomics This machine complies with European safety regulation ''EN709:1997+A4:2004''.
In order to operate on the hard ground, Duet Rotary system which rotation direction between outside blade and inside blade are different is adopted.


SA150 is entry model tiller whose composition is simple for rotor operation. However This machine has durability, and big capacity engine is mounted for operating in various condition.The width of rotor can be changed for working in different situation.
Operator can level their ground beautifully with adjustable handle. European safety regulation, ''EN709:1997+A4:2004'' is complied.


SA250 can be used for both plough operation and rotor operation. Operator can choose 4 forward speed and 2 reverse speed for ploughing by various implement.
The angle of handle is also changeable vertically and horizontally for comfortable operation.
This machine complies with European safety regulation 'European safety regulation, ''EN709:1997+A4:2004''''.

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Zero‐Turn Mower

  • SZ330 Series [32PS]

Front Mower

  • SF450 Series
  • SF300 Series [30‐36PS]
  • SF2 Series

Riding Mower

  • SXG Series [19‐22PS]
  • SXG 216 Series[15PS]


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Rice Transplanter

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Combine Harvester

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