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SF450 Series

SF450 and SF438 are perfectly designed for professional users. The both machines provide comfortable operation and excellent cutting/collecting performance with high power engine, large capacity of HST and 1300L container capacity as well.
SF450 SF438
Gross HP 48 36
Displacement 2197cc 1643cc
Max Torque 140Nm 111Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 48L 48L
Cutting Width 60" 54"

[Powerful Engine]

With 48HP engine, SF450 is the most powerful outfront mower in ISEKI range.

The fuel tank capacity of both SF450 and SF438 is the largest (48L) in this product segment. Fuel tank is located in left side of fender, which helps easy access to refill the fuel.

To prevent grass from clogging on the screen of the radiator, the radiator fan reversely rotates every 5 minutes automatically. This function can lead to enough cooling capacity for producing full engine performance. Reverse rotating works automatically in case engine starts or it may overheat.

[Large capacity of HST]

Large capacity of HST pump and motors achieves faster traveling speed: max. 21km/h for SF450 and max. 19km/h for SF438.

SF450 and SF438 have the cruise control function for great cutting performance and comfortable operation. Cruise control keeps constant working speed without depressing HST pedal, which can ease vibration from pedal.

[Mower decks]

60-inch mower deck is available for SF450 and 54-inch mower deck is available for SF438 with grass collectors.
Mulching kit is also available for 60-inch mower deck as standard. Adding only one plate converts the rear discharge deck to the mulching mower deck.
The mulching plate can be attached by a bolt easily.

Mower deck can be flipped up without detaching universal joint for daily maintenance.

[Powerful and Silent Blower]

Large chute hose intakes grass and air massively to collector.

Revolution speed of blower can be selected at 2 modes (normal and low) to decrease noise depending on the situation.

[1300L container]

Large capacity of the container contributes to efficient working by reducing frequencies of grass dumping. Grass is laid evenly and tightly in the container with swing chuter system installed.

When the container becomes full with grass, the full sensor is activated and beep sounds intermittently. Then, the mower deck stops automatically after 2 seconds beep.
In case operator needs to mow more a few meters to finish cutting to the end of the field, mower deck and blower work for another 8 seconds by pushing "grass cutting extension switch".

[Efficient Working]

High speed cutting, wider mower deck and larger capacity container give higher efficiency. Higher efficiency on operation is big advantage for professional users. Those users can get benefits of time and money for long period (whole lifetime of machine).


SF450 and SF438 are designed at low center of gravity by placing engine in lower position, which achieves stability for safe operation.

[Easy maintenance]

Air cleaner, coolant, battery and hyd.& fuel filters can be checked without opening bonnet.
Besides, fully open engine bonnet is quite comfortable for daily maintenance.

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