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Policy on the Business Management

Since its foundation in1926, ISEKI has contributed to the modernization of Japan's agricultural industry as a full-line manufacturer specializing in farming machinery.
During this time, we have consistently pursued efficient and laborsaving advances in agriculture, and have served the market by pioneering the development of a great deal of agricultural machinery.
When we consider the problems of an increasing world population and food supply, food self-sufficiency and land preservation, our duty to society as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery becomes even more significant.
ISEKI will continue to operate under our basic business philosophy to deliver products that satisfy consumer demand so that we can contribute to agriculture both in Japan and throughout the world.

Policy on the Distribution of Profits

At Iseki, we recognize that the determination of dividends to shareholders is one of the most important policies to be made. Our basic policy is to take into consideration, not just financial results, but also our financial position and future business movements, before settling on a sustainable and steady dividend distribution.

Issues to be Addressed

To realize future development by establishing a stable customer base in Japan and speeding up global business development in a rapidly changing business environment, we will more quickly focus on the following challenges with all the strength of the ISEKI Group.

  • To strengthen the responsiveness to changes in the Japanese market
  • To fully develop global strategies
  • To carry out low-cost operation
  • To ensure compliance
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