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ISEKI Report

ISEKI Report

ISEKI Report 2021PDF 8.78MB)


  • Value creation of ISEKI Group  (PDF 5.59MB)
    • Track record of value creation
    • ISEKI Group
    • ISEKI Group's value creation process by leveraging its strengths
    • Feature ISEKI Group's strengths
    • Message from our President
    • Risks and opportunities
    • ISEKI Group's SDG objectives
    • ISEKI Group's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Business model transformation through the promotion of DX
    • Toward the realization of a decarbonized society
    • ISEKI Group's materiality
    • Domestic Business Company
    • Overseas Business Company
    • Development and Production Company
    • Financial and capital strategies
    • Initiatives that support value creation  (PDF 86KB)
      • Sustainability in ISEKI Group
      • Stakeholder engagement

        <Governance> (PDF 844KB)

      • Messages on Governance
      • Corporate governance
      • List of officers
      • Risk management
      • Compliance
      • <Society —Social—> (PDF 1.53MB)

      • Improvement of customer satisfaction and quality assurance
      • Supply chain management
      • Contribution to local community and international cooperation
      • Human resource development and utilization
      • Enhancement of employee engagement
      • <Environment> (PDF 137KB)

      • Environmental management
      • Response to climate change
      • Initiatives for environmentally-friendly design
      • Preservation of biodiversity
      • Financial highlights
      • Consolidated Financial Summary
      • Non-financial highlights

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Company Profile
Investor Information
  • Message from our presodent
  • Environmental Report
  • ISEKI's commitments towards enhancement of food self-sufficiency ratio
  • Environmental concept
  • Environmental management organization
  • Contact us
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