TLE Series

High Durability and Simple Composition

TLE tractor belongs to economy range class.
The composition of machine is simple, although it has the machine durability.
This machine can work hardly and offer you more efficient operation. To work in the narrow and small space with its compact body.

User Friendly Composition

Any kind of user can easily operate this machine since all levers and switches are just located next to operator.
Instinctly operator can find the lever and it is far easy to operate.

By mounting illuminated fuel gauge, operator can clearly know how long it can work.

Thanks to full open bonnet, any part of engine and the part which should take maintenance can be reached without any stress.

Powerful Engine and Big Fuel Tank Capacity

ISEKI 3 cylinder diesel engine, which give you enough power to apply any kind of work is mounted.
The engine is surely reliable for your operation.
Even if you work in a large field and pursue productive work.
43L fuel tank give you a far longer operation without refilling.
It will make your work more efficient and productive.

PTO & Lift Capacity

Independent PTO with grand power makes your work more comfortable. You can turn "ON" and "OFF" whenever you want and the lever is just located right side of the seat.

3-point lifting capacity is 810kg at 24 inch behind of ball point.
This capacity helps you to install the implement you want.

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