Environmental concept

"Agriculture and Agricultural machines"are the axes of management and we contribute to the formation of a continuously growing society through activities for harmonizing nature, society, and business entities.

Basic environmental policy

  1. Maintenance of environment management system and its functional application.
  2. Reducing elements of our business activities and products which may be causing stress on the environment.
  3. Compliance with environmentallaws, regulations, and standards.
  4. Environmental education and information disclosure.

Environmental conduct guidelines

1.Development activities considering environment
Recycling and reduction of noise, vibration, fuel consumption,emission gas, and environmental stress substances
2.Manufacturing activities considering environment
Prevention of (air, water, noise, and vibration) pollution,energy-saving, resource-saving, and purchasing green
3.Office activities considering environment
Energy-saving and resource-saving
4.Distribution and logistics considering environment
Improvement of transportation system (packaging materials,efficient transportation), disposition of industrial wastes
5.Development of biodiversity
Initiative for tree-planting
6.Environmental education and information disclosure
Environmental education to be offered to employees, participation in social activities, and information disclosure
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