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Research and Development

Here at ISEKI, we are committed to our mission to contribute to society through our agricultural machinery. Each and every engineer and technical works on research and development that is creative and is in line with the very essence of technology. We will continue to deliver products which both utilize the technology that we have developed over the years and will be well received by our customers. In this way, we will continue to move forward in line with the world of the 21st century and Japanese agriculture.

The Essence of Technology

  • Market an idea
  • Provide the full technological capability
  • Consistently take the initiative
  • Devote to the principles of commerce

Product Development

Even from the product planning stage, we scrutinize over the requirements and systematically examine the product from every angle. We then develop products that are efficient and creative, yet comply with their design reviews.

Develop products that are environmentally friendly

Research and development into clean engines that are environmentally friendly, by reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulates and carbon dioxide

Engine Evaluation Control Room

Measuring System for Particulates and Gas Emissions

Diesel Exhaust Emission Analyzer

Specific Technology

Award-winning Inventions (Patented)

IQ4WD Tractor P2536445JP

"Shikoku Regional Invention Commendation
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Ehime Chapter Director's Award"

Constant optimal driving is achieved with a drive system that employs an automatic 4WD-2WD switch control that judges whether the vehicle is slipping by measuring the revolutions of the forward and rear wheels.

Zoomed Auger for Combine Harvesters P3282587JP

"Shikoku Regional Invention Commendation
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Ehime Chapter Director's Award"

Flexibly extendable grain discharge auger unit makes it simple to correctly position the grain discharge vent without having to move the combine harvester itself, thereby making possible high-efficiency paddy off-loading.

Rice Transplanter-Sanae-matic P855481JP

Nationwide Invention Commendation Asahi Shimbun Award

The Sanae-matic achieves high-precision rice planting by employing a system that automatically adjusts the height of the planter to accommodate changes in the depth of the field bed, thereby achieving a constant plant depth.

Rotary-type Rice Transplanter P2137045JP

Nationwide Invention Commendation Invention Award

The non-circular gears fitted in the revolving case on the planter allow the two transplanters on the sides of the case to plot an ideal course, achieving faster planting.

Awarding of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Development of equivalent on the High-Performance Riding-Type Rice Transplanter

Nationwide Invention Commendation Invention Award

Nationwide Invention Commendation(s) received for development of "rotary-type rice transplanter unit" and "mid-fertilizing unit," which together enable the application of fertilizer at appropriate depths while transplanting, thus achieving high-speed, high-precision transplanting and highly-effective fertilizing.

History of the Practical Application of Specific Technology

Early automatic-threshing Combine Harvester
Rice transplanters fitted with backward-tilting seedling tanks
Industry-first rotary-type transplanters
Industry-first zoom auger Combine Harvester

Early automatic-threshing Combine Harvester

Rice transplanters fitted with backward-tilting seedling tanks

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