TJA Series

TJA8100 TJA8090 TJA8080
Output (Max.) 102PS 96.5PS 85.7PS
Displacement 3298cc 3298cc 3298cc
Max Torque 410Nm 387Nm 346Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 105L 105L 105L

ISEKI is pleased to introduce the TJA series tractor range. Three models comprise the range with maximum engine output from 85.7 to 102ps making them versatile, multi-purpose tractors capable of tackling multiple jobs all the year round in farms and municipalities.

Available in both cabin and ROPS configurations, TJA series utility tractor offers reliability, flexibility, and strong build quality.

Powerful & Eco-friendly New Engine

The all new three cylinder engines mounted on the TJA Series utility tractor meet Stage 3B emissions standards.

These engines have following notable features in terms of environmental conservation.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)- To reduce Nox- To reduce throttling losses on spark ignition engines at part load- To improve engine life through reduced cylinder temperatures (particularly exhaust valve life)

DOC(Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
- To oxidize particles, hydrocarbons and cabin monoxide from exhaust gases.

Ergonomic operator's space

Whether choosing an open station or cabin, the operator will experience the comfort of a completely flat floor with rubber cover for comfortable foot placement and plenty of room.
Most of levers are located on the right side ergonomically.

Hyd. Shuttle lever

The hydraulic shuttle lever is conveniently located on the left side of the column within reach of hand. An electronically controlled wet-clutch allows the operator to change the direction of travel by a simple shift of the lever. No foot clutch is required when shutting and this hydraulic shuttle lever equips safety guard for avoiding misoperation as standard.

HIGH-LOW change for TJA8100 and TJA8090

HIGH-LOW change button provides 2 speeds of clutch-less change over all gears.
If the button is pushed on, traveling speed increases. At that time, “H” symbol illuminates on instrument panel. And if the button is pushed off, traveling speed decreases.

HIGH-LOW select mode is only available for specific model of TJA8100 and TJA8090. Thanks to this function, 36-speed is selectable in both forward and reverse traveling.

HIGH-LOW change is quite helpful for following works.
-Towing trailer on slope
-Snow removal with snow blade
-Front loader operation e.t.c.

PTO engagement

Rear PTO selector lever can choose either 750 rpm (540E) position or 540 rpm position.

Pressure rising curve of PTO clutch engagement can be selected at 3 modes (Standard mode, Soft 1 mode, Soft 2 mode). This function contributes to absorbing the shock when engaging PTO by selecting the best mode, depending on attaching implements.

Speed signal connector

ISO11786 connector (7 pins) is fitted on the right hand cover for easier connecting of implements which require speed signal output such as salt spreader or sprayer.

Convenient function

By turning the 4WD selectable dial, you can choose either 4WD or 2WD mode and other convenient mode as follows.

The front wheels rotate quickly when turning the steering wheel so that the tractor can turn more quickly.

2WD TURN mode:
The front axle is disengaged only when turning the steering wheel, so that it can reduce the damage of lawn.

The TJA series tractor has the function of "4 WHEEL BRAKE". When brake pedal is depressed, 4WD is automatically engaged to divide the braking force equally among 4 wheels.

Full open bonnet

Easy engine access thanks to fully open bonnet enables you to make the daily maintenance easier.
Every part for maintenance is accessible very easily.

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