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  Recent increase in the average global temperature have triggered many environmental issues such as desertification, glacier reduction, and raising the sea levels. It seems to me that we see more news than before about weather issues such as abnormal drought and water floods caused by concentrated heavy rain in Japan. Last year, we were attacked by more typhoons than usual, and it is difficult to think that all these phenomena happened with no relation to global warming. Whatever the case may be, it is very clear that the battle between nature and civilization becomes more acute year by year.
  I would like to emphasize that our corporate basis, Agriculture, is the most environment-friendly industry with blessed sun, water, and four definite seasons. It is our corporate mission to esteem nature highly, to support the agricultural industry, and to play a part in the world food security.We, Iseki, since its foundation about 80 years ago, walked side by side with farmers by providing them with agricultural machinery.

  At the same time, Iseki has strived to fulfill our corporate governance so as to establish fruitful relationships with our stockholders, customers, and stakeholders. We believe that it is our highest priority management task to disclose information, to be concerned about global environmental preservation, and to recognize that the acknowledgement of such issues is the obligation of companies like us, while strictly complying with legal requirements.

  We would like to further reduce stress on the environment at each stage, such as the product use and materials and parts procurement, through further streamlining of agri-business, improvement of productivity by reducing stressful work, and aiming to provide further environment-friendly products.

Noriyuki Kimura


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