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CSR Report

CSR Report

CSR Report 2018PDF 1.95MB)


  • CSR at ISEKI Group  (PDF 351KB)
    • Message from the President
    • Resolution of social issues and value creation through business
    • CSR management at ISEKI Group
    • Results and targets of CSR activities
    • Corporate information・Business development at ISEKI Group  (PDF 772KB)
      • Corporate information
      • Development and production
      • Domestic business development
      • Overseas business development
      • Governance  (PDF 126KB)
        • Corporate governance
        • Compliance
        • Social  (PDF 582KB)
          • Communication with customers
          • Communication with employees
          • Communication with investors and shareholders
          • Communication with suppliers
          • Communication with local communities
          • Environment  (PDF 299KB)
            • ISEKI Group environmental management
            • Environmental targets and results
            • Initiatives for environmentally-friendly design
            • Reduction of environmental burden in production
            • Preservation of biodiversity
            • Evaluation by third parties
            • Third-party comments

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