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As a comprehensive specialized manufacturer of agricultural machinery, we have contributed to the agricultural modernization in Japan about 80 years since the day of establishment by consistently pursuing agricultural efficiency and absorption. We would like to introduce our main products as follows.

Agricultural Machinery
We provide an appropriate machinery to meet your purpose depending on the type of crop and the growing process.

  Rice Cultivation Machinery

Tractor Because rice(Japan's staple food) is produced in paddy fields, Japanese tractors feature high water-proof.

Rice Transplanter Seedlings nursed in a greenhouse are then planted to paddy fields at the appropriate time. Until the 1960's, rice is planted by manual labor, however with the appearance of rice transplanters, manual labor has been greatly reduced. We provide a wide lineup of products from two-row to ten-row machines.
Rice Transplanter  

Combine Harvester A combine Harvester is used to harvest ripe rice. The head-feeding combine Harvester is the most popular, which uses a mechanism unique to Japan. For harvesting soybeans and buckwheat, a reel type combine is used.
Combine Harvester  

After the unhulled rice has been harvested and dried in the dryer, it is hulled and sorted, then shipped in unpolished condition. One type of dryer uses far-infrared rays, and the other blows hot air for drying. For the most delicious rice, the unpolished rice which has been dried and regulated is stored in an agricultural refrigeration unit, and polished about one week before it is eaten.

Rice Huller Refrigerator
Rice Huller Refrigerator
for Agricultural Products

  Vegetable Harvesting Machines
Cultivator & Tiller The fields are prepared by making ridge and furrows to each kind of vegetable. In kitchen gardens, a small caltivator may be used.
Cultivator & Tiller  

Vegetable Transplanter This machine is used to transplant vegetable seedlings to the field. The conditions required for planting every type of crop differ, so we provide a variety of products with many different specifications.
Vegetable Transplanter  

High-clearance Multipurpose Vehicle High-clearance Multipurpose Vehicle is used when spreading fertilizers and pesticides. It has high clearance in order to ride over the plants.
High-clearance Multipurpose Vehicle  

Carrot Harvester This machine is used to harvest carrots. We also supply a number of harvesters suited to many different types of crops.
Carrot Harvester  

Agricultural facilities
This is a large-scale agricultural plant.

Drying and Storage Facility
Drying and Storage Facility
Rice and wheat drying and storage facility
Hydroponics Facility
Hydroponics Facility
Hydroponics facility allows for the cultivation of vegetables inside without soil.


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