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ISEKI Group is promoting activities towards the enhancement of the food self-sufficiency ratio as a promotion partner of FOOD ACTION NIPPON, based on the themes of local consumption of locally-produced foods ,low cost agriculture and future of foods.  

Background of the activities
Nowadays, in the midst of aggravated issues of foods on a world scale, the expanded consumption of domestic agricultural products is considered to be the most practical method of realizing an enhanced food self-sufficiency ratio. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry launched the National campaign promotion program towards an enhanced food self-sufficiency ratio starting with FOOD ACTION NIPPON Promotion Headquarters while stepping up engagements such as the announcement of the working schedule towards a 50% food self-sufficiency ratio. Since our inauguration, ISEKI has contributed to the development of agriculture in Japan through the mechanization of agriculture. We still back up Japanese agriculture with the slogan, support vigorous agriculture by our energy saving agricultural machinery which is low fuel consuming + multi- functional + highly efficient and we will develop our commitment to an enhanced food self-sufficiency ratio more specifically, by registering as a promotion partner of FOOD ACTION JAPAN.  

Local consumption of locally-produced foods: Expansion of consumption and local support
ISEKI Group will try to expand the consumption of domestic agricultural products by increasing the use of foodstuff, centering on locally-produced food for meals at canteen or dormitories owned by our major business offices throughout the country. We will also back up local consumption of locally-produced foods, by commercializing machinery which corresponds to local products in each area.
1) Expansion of consumption of domestic agricultural products at ISEKI Group
Average foodstuff usage ratio (calorie base) at the canteen and dormitories.
Present Target
Domestic foodstuff usage ratio 74% -80% (10 locations in the country: 28,000 meals/month)
Local foodstuff usage ratio 68% -70% (8 locations in the country)
2) Development/commercialization of machinery corresponding to local products.

Low cost agriculture: Producer

It is the current situation that farmers who assume the food supply in Japan have major issues in regard to the attainment of low costs and saving labor. ISEKI has engaged in the diffusion of sparse cultivation technology by establishing a "Low Cost Agriculture Support Section" in July, 2008. Subsequently, we implemented trial sales of machinery which adopted inside-ridge fertilizing technology. We will continue to strive to promote the further diffusion of hardware and software which will serve the attainment of low costs and labor-saving for producers.  
1) Diffusion of sparse cultivation technology
Sparse cultivation technology refers to technology which obtains an almost equal amount of harvesting as conventional cultivation, by planting approximately half the number of plants (ISEKI recommends 37 plants) of diffused conventional cultivation, which plant 60-80 plants per tsubo(3.3m2) of seedlings. It is technology which realizes low cost agriculture, featuring reduction of the seedling cost to almost half, and reduced agricultural chemicals/fertilizers and labor hours.
2) Diffusion of inside-ridge fertilizing technology
Inside-ridge fertilizing technology refers to technology which applies fertilizers and agrichemicals, band-like, to the soil near the transplanting position of seedlings at the working of ridge preparation for vegetable cultivation, thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers/ agrichemicals. For now, it has been verified that fertilizer can be reduced to 70-50% of conventional use, and agrichemicals for rock-knot disease prevention to approximately 1/3.
Towards the future of foods: Study/education
We will promote study of our plant factory as a system to provide safe and assured agricultural products with stable prices. As an attempt at education centering on elementary and junior high school students who bear the future of Japan, we offer our exhibition pavilion as a place of dietary education.
1) Joint study of a solar light type "Intelligent Plant Factory" with Ehime University
Our plant factory, taking advantage of solar light, attracts attention as an environmentally-responsive and energy-saving factory. In our joint study, we conduct various experiments and studies aiming for the establishment of an intelligent factory, where appropriate environment control is done based on the diagnosis of plants, adopting the concept of "speaking plant approach (SPA)" to hear the current condition directly from the plants. ISEKI aims at the establishment of a next generation food supply system, through these activities.
Solar light type intelligent plant factory system
2) ISEKI offers its exhibition pavilions as places for dietary education
The exhibition pavilion of the head office of ISEKI, located in Umakicho, Matsuyama City, receives more than 3,500 visitors per year; close to half are elementary and junior high school students; and it has been used for a long time as a factory tour for social studies. We would like you to use the pavilion as a place of education as we have prepared documents/study materials in the facility, such as a panel corner concerning the food self-sufficiency ratio, local consumption of locally-produced products a display of agricultural products from Ehime Prefecture, as well as screening of DVD material "To ensure the future of foods" prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry.

In the exhibition pavilion located in the premises of Iseki-Kumamoto Mfg. Co., Ltd., the company's main products, combine harvesters, as well as a model which shows the mechanism of an original function of combine harvesters, the zoom auger, are displayed. Also, we display, in panels, our engagement towards an enhanced self-sufficiency ratio, as the entire ISEKI Group, on the project floor, with the concept of backing up low cost agriculture and a future of foods/local consumption of locally produced products/enhanced self-sufficiency ratio. We welcome your visit to the pavilion.
If you want to make a visit, please contact our guide for the factory visit at Iseki-Kumamoto Mfg. Co., Ltd.


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