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Basic Strategies for Corporate Governance
The main purpose of our management system is to respond quickly and accurately to changes in our business climate and to maintain fair business operations. Achieving stable growth in shareholder value is another top priority of management. To maintain positive relations with our stakeholders, including shareholders, business partners, members of regional communities, and employees, we are endeavoring to expand and improve our corporate governance. We acknowledge the importance of establishing an internal control system that provides stakeholders with important information in a timely manner and of reinforcing corporate governance throughout the Group. Based on that recognition, we plan to establish administrative rules for Group companies and a reporting structure to maintain fair business practices and share information.  

Corporate Governance Structure

Consolidation of Internal Control

Our Company has prepared the 'Basic Policy on Internal Control' pursuant to the Corporation Law and Ordinance for Enforcement of the Corporation Law. In the basic policy, we have established a basic understanding of the system to supervise the proper execution of operations in the Group.

Basic Policy on Internal Control

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